I wrote a blog about Beyonce getting pale as the moon and shunning her blackness. It’s full circle again. Lil Kim. Who is she trying to be? Some say she’s trying to be like Nicki Minaj…maybe the pictures will tell you what to think. Either way, this is not the same girl that was on the scene years ago. Who knew this was hiding inside of her. That dreadful word called “Hate” for oneself. Nicki doesn’t need to hate on her, because she has enough of that going around herself. 

We realize that she may just be trying to get some attention and that any attention/publicity is good publicity, but this is to the extreme. Lets look at some photos. Before and after. 



Lil Kim?

When was all of this? I am totally confused with these photos. Seriously, I am sooo lost. Perez Hilton gave a quote, it was kinda like, what in back alley botox hell is up with Lil Kims face!? lol, but that was a good expression though.

I am not a fan of hers, but then I am not a fan of anyones. Is she going for a particular look here. Some say she is trying to be Nicki Minaj…ummmm, ok?

Listen people, love yourselves, shit. This is getting annoying as fuck. I really didn’t know who this was at times.
What is going on with black people. YOU ARE NEVER EVER GOING TO BE WHITE! Stop trying. And why would you wanna be? Lighter is not better stupids. Same old slave mentality bullshit. Some guy turned her down probably and she thinks it was because of her skin tone. I assure you that Biggie didn’t like Faith Evans because she was lighter in skin tone. Besides, ewwww who would want Biggie? That guy was no looker. Lil Kim is suffering from some psychological shit in her head and its fuckin with her mind. She is too old to be going on like this. But in all fairness, it is her money and did you like her as a fan because of her talent or because of her look? I guess it all goes hand in hand.

I said the same thing for Beyonce. She seemed to be getting lighter, and her surgeries were more subtle. Lil Kim is dramatic, so we should expect exactly what we got. Now she made the news. She is on all the social networks being talked about. Yes it is people who are disgusted by her and frustrated by her seeming self hatred, so…perhaps she is happy being talked about. At any rate, I hope she stops.