ImageThis is the home of James Maxwell. Accused child rapist and now the proud owner of human remains in his back yard. His nervousness lead police to go further and search his property after receiving information from sources who say that he was antsy about plumbers coming to his house and digging. The remains of an unknown were discovered June 19, 2012. Here are the specifics on the case of Laurel Rogers.


Missing Since: February 1, 2010 from Port Orange, Florida Classification: Endangered Missing Date Of Birth: June 4, 1981 Age: 28 Height: 5’8″ Weight: 155 lbs. Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Race: White Gender: Female Distinguishing Characteristics: Scars on both wrists due to a fall. Medical Conditions: Lupus/ Fiber Mi-alga/ Seizures Clothing: Black, G Unit brand hooded zip up jacket with small multi colored “G”‘s on the front, purple short sleeve shirt with a white design over a purple long sleeve shirt, light blue denim jeans, black tennis shoes with white trim Jewelry: – 20” gold rope necklace with two rings. Multiple rings on all of her fingers. AKA: LaLa/ Lo Case Number: 2010- 000989 Details of Disappearance On February 1, 2010 at 1730- Laurel Rogers was last seen at her residence by her brother. Her brother went out on the back porch to workout and when he returned Laurel Rogers was gone.
Phone recordes indicate that the last activity was on 02/02/10 at 1845 hours when Laurel’s phone called one of her friends and an unknown male named “Jamal” advised that Laurel left her phone with him and she was with two unknown males named Kenny and Breezy. There has been no bank activity on Laurel’s bank accounts and no further phone activity.
Investigating Agency If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Port Orange Police Department Detective Scott Brozio (386) 756-7400
Source Information Port Orange Police Department


Since Laurel Rogers went missing, there hasn’t been much information regarding her case until recent. If it weren’t for the little girl who James Maxwell raped, this case would not be looked at for quite some time, as there were no real leads. The body is being considered undisclosed, however investigators are saying that they have a pretty good idea who the victim is. Could this be Laurel Rogers?

According to news sources, James Maxwell lived just a half a mile away from this missing lady. Would a woman who had Lupus ever have left without her medication or ever have left without her medication for fibromyalgia? That is a very painful condition and she would need therapy at any given time. As it could be debilatating.


Her phone was said to have made a phone call some time after she went missing. It actually called a friend of hers. When questioned who the caller was he gave the name, “Jamal” and said that Laurel had left with 2 men. One named Kenny and the other Breezy. Side note, James Maxwell Found on a Sleuth site from “Heineken Man”…food for thought?

Laurels Mother, Lauretta spoke on the news today and said that she hopes it’s not her daughter that was discovered in James Maxwells yard. Yes it would bring closure, but every parent holds on to the hope that their child is still alive.

It is also being reported on that James Maxwell’s girlfriend (Joanna Bertram) at the time of his arrest back in December 2011 that he would threaten them by telling them stories of women being buried in his back yard. He referred to the buried women as “hookers.” One Neighbor Colt Wainright states that they were neighbors and that they borrow tools from each other periodically, possibly even a shovel. But who knows.
Another note to mention. Since this story is resurfacing about Laurel Rogers, there have been a few sites that have chosen to post some not so positive photos of Laurel from a time where she was arrested. That will not be done here. That does nothing for her cause and it does nothing to help her surviving family. Provided it is her remains. If not, it is still tacky to post such information on a missing person. It desensitizes the story and makes it seem as if she is unworthy of being alive or searched for. It doesn’t matter what her past was, murder is a crime and it was unnecessary if it is her. I hope it isn’t as well.