So this story starts out with this guy being invited for a neighbors party. In which he enjoys himself at the buffet table, and then returns later that night to kidnap the girl from her bedroom. He then takes this 9 year old child to his house and proceeds to rape her, all for her to be returned the following morning to her home. So that’s the most fucked up thing.. At least he is in jail for that, but lo and behold, he isn’t done yet. There were human remains found in his back yard. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Looks like he is no smooth criminal. He totally got busted. But, strange enough, if it wasn’t for the horrible crime against the little girl, he might have gotten away.

See, there is no rehabing these guys. They may be sorry for that ONE crime they got caught at, but…what about the shit we don’t know about? As we see, somebodys been busy. It is going to take them at least a month to identify the body. Just imagine how easy it is for someone to commit these types of crimes, and yet no one suspects anything. He got caugt for the lighter crime.. I say lighter, because America has yet to take rape seriously. Kinda like OJ. He didn’t get time for his wifes murder, but for stealing his own merchandise, he got 15 years.


story below…

The remains of an adult were found in the backyard of a man’s home, who is in jail on charges of raping and kidnapping a 9-year-old girl, said Port Orange Police Chief Jerry Monahan.

James Maxwell was arrested in December 2011 and is in jail awaiting trial for the charges. Police said he kidnapped the girl after a neighbor’s Christmas party.

Maxwell dropped the girl off at the police department the next day and he was arrested.

Monahan said it will take at least one month to identify the body.

“A very significant period of time,” said Monahan. “The information that we have would have to be verified by the medical examiner.”

Police said they received tips that Maxwell has been concerned over plumbing work in the backyard of his home on Brandy Hills Drive.

“We received information from individuals, from two individuals actually, relative to statements that were made to them over concern over construction coming to this property and perhaps digging,” said Monahan.

Skywitness 9HD was over the scene where there were canopies set up in the backyard.

“I’m not here to judge him. He’ll have to answer for what he’s done, either in the legal system or later on,” said neighbor Ruth Kressler.

Officers said that cadaver dogs were brought to the scene on Friday, according to Monahan.

He said investigators then used ground radar detection to find out where to dig.

Monahan said that on Monday at about 3:30 p.m., they found the remains.

Maxwell has lived in the home with his mother since the 1980s, and he is being called a suspect in the case.

“James Maxwell is the primary suspect in the case,” Monahan said. “Mr. Maxwell is in jail. He will remain in jail. He’s no longer a threat to the community.”

Investigators said they do not believe there are any other bodies buried in the yard, but said they will continue to dig just to be sure.

Police said Maxwell’s mother owns the home, and he had a relationship and child with the woman who lives there now.

Police also said that several years ago, Maxwell got out of prison after serving time for attempted murder.


So, what are parents to do? What could these parents have done to ensure their little girls safety? NOTHING, OTHER than make sure her windows were closed tightly and not to trust anyone with their kid. Naturally, we want to reach out and touch someone and enjoy our neighbors, but seriously, we don’t know them. And if you teach your child not to talk to strangers, why do you as the adult allow them into your house?

Perhaps they had some type of relationship, or he had done something worth trusting…but that is too close for comfort. Perhaps she thought that he was an older guy and that he was harmless looking.