The Facade of Creflo Dollar
The Real Creflo Dollar


Seriously, I cannot stand this guy. I remember when I used to watch this money grubbing hoodlum on the tube when it was cool to be a Christian and I was amazed at how much money he had and how much success  with his fans. I call them fans because there’s no other way to describe his folks, but lost sheep or followers.

This guy is so full of himself, but isn’t that the case with all pastors? Of course it is. Oh, by the way, I am Atheist. But I used to be a Christian, few years back. And this is one of the reasons that I decided that following some imaginary man in the sky was kinda fucked up. Not only that, I actually begin to read the bible and see it for the load of crock it is. I admit, there is some inspiring stuff in there, but just like any author can spot, I can detect a well written story. (Parts of it anyway).

So, this guy, chokes his daughter, beats her and emotionally scars her gets a $5,000 bond? And he gets to go back home to where this child victim is. I hope they remove ANY AND ALL kids from his house and he should not be allowed to raise children from this point. Seriously, I was waiting for this douchbag to come forth with whatever his issues are. What a prick? And where is Taffy in all this? Creflo strikes me as a dictator, as all pastors must be in order to get others to obey them rather than the good book. But don’t you get tired of reading about another pastor who is caught up in some shit/scandal and now they are all sorry and asking for prayers from their customers? When will this shit end? As soon as peoplen wise up and start to think for themselves.

Creflo Dollar has tons of money, and he will never need money again,

story below…

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — Creflo Dollar, founder and pastor of World Changers Church International, was arrested early Friday on charges involving the choking of his 15-year-old daughter.

Dollar was taken into custody at his Fayetteville home and charged with simple battery and cruelty to children, NBC station WXIA of Atlanta reported.

According to the report from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Dollar’s daughter called police to say that her father attacked her after they argued about whether the daughter could attend a party.

The report says the daughter alleged that Dollar choked her, then threw her to the ground, punched her and hit her with his shoe. The responding officer noticed a scratch on the daughter’s neck near her throat; the daughter said her father gave her the scratch during the fight.

When police interviewed Dollar, he said he tried to restrain his daughter when she “became very disrespectful” after he told her she couldn’t go to the party, according to the report. Dollar admitted to spanking his daughter and wrestling her to the floor, but said it was because she hit him.

Dollar was taken to the Fayette County Jail after his arrest. Fayette County Police spokesman Brent Rowan said Dollar had his first appearance in magistrate court Friday and posted $5,000 bond, WXIA reported.

“As a father I love my children and I always have their best interest at heart at all times, and I would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children,” Dollar said in a statement released by his lawyer Nikki Bonner and obtained by The Associated Press. “The facts in this case will be handled privately to further protect my children. My family thanks you for your prayers and continued support.”

Dollar will make no further comments since he’s involved in an ongoing criminal matter, but he is expected to preach Sunday, Bonner said.

According to his website, Dollar began World Changers ministries in 1986 and it grew, moving in 1996 the  8,500-seat World Dome, built in College Park  for nearly $18 million without any bank financing. He and his wife, Taffi, church co-pastor, have five children. The ministry has 16 satellite locations and plans more. Creflo and Taffi Dollar also host “Changing Your World” television and radio broadcasts. The program is featured on the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Dollar was among six televangelists investigated in 2011 by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee. Their report raised questions about the personal use of church-owned airplanes, luxury homes and credit cards by pastors and their families, and about the lack of oversight of finances by boards often packed with the televangelists’ relatives and friends.

Dollar and his World Changers Church International of College Park and Creflo Dollar Ministries were among four televangelism organizations that the committee said did not cooperate with the investigation.

Dollar was a favorite of Rudy Eugene, the naked man shot dead by a Miami officer May 26 when, police say, he would not stop eating the face of a homeless man, Ronald Poppo.

“We watched Creflo Dollar Ministries every morning,” Yovonka Bryant, Eugene’s girlfriend, told a news conference covered by on Wednesday.



This guy has not a care in the world, because as long as there are desperate mindless folks out there who have to believe in this god nonsense, he will always have a pulpit to spew his religious bullshit.

I feel sorry for his daughters who will have to face this freak again and may have no defense. I was asking where Taffy was at in all of this. But the truth is, no matter how we want the woman to be there for her daughters, if he is beating the shit outta the kids, then Taffy may have been a punching bag as well. These guys get diplomatic immunity in the community, I call it, “Community Immunity”, and that is where they can do no wrong. No one holds them accountable, because all they have to say is god forgive me and it is done. His membership just might increase behind this, and just like all the other sicko pastors, nothing staggers nor wavers the minds of the brainwashed Christian. That’s fucked up, but that’s life and we all get to sit back and watch this foolishess. What type of man puts his hand on his daughter? When your daughter gets to be a certain age, you should not even consider touching them. Now that is for those who believe in corporal punishment. Not child abuse. But a teenage girl should NOT be hit by her father.

That is disgusting and he is a worthless piece of shit for doing this. Someone should beat the stench of faith off of him and show him how it feels. I’d do it personally given the chance. Yes I’m a girl, and I’d kick that shit out of that ass. I get so upset writing about this stuff. I bet a bunch of idiots come on this blog and tell me about forgiveness. In advance I’d like to say a solid FUCK YOU. Just to clear the air and let you know, I really don’t give a shit what you think of me or this blog.

For the record, I do not condone abuse or spanking kids. What I am saying is this. If you have a toddler and you spank that child, (within) reason to correct behavior, there should come a time to end that. Your child should have grown and matured enough to understand the difference between negative behaviors. You should also be aware as a parent that hitting your child does not change behavior. It cause resentment and a lack of respect from child to parent. Yes the child may fear you, but that’s not respect. Creflo wants to control everything around him. Bad enough he has an entire entourage of goons that support him and answer to his beckon call, but now he must control the mindset of his children as well? Get over yourself dude. You’re just a human like everyone else. If you were smart, you’d let your children live their lives and think for themselves. If you trust that you’ve done a good job, then you should trust your kids. His character is displayed here. I just hope that they keep an eye out on that address. If this girl had the need to call 911, imagine the fear that she was feeling at the time. And the 19 year old older sister of hers also attested to the events that had taken place? That says something about this nightmare. What daughter would want to call the cops on their famous dad?

If you could just imagine how the children in a household like this would feel. So many people revering this non entity Dollar, and yet he is an abusive father. Who will believe these girls? And don’t we think that the bond was too low?

5,000 for choking a kid? That’s all you get these days? Looking at that Mugshot up above sheds more light on something. He isn’t the dapper intellectual that we all see on tv is he? He looks like a criminal in this photo and it suits him just fine.

On another note. I just left a site that actually acted as if they were gonna side with the child. Instead they said. “she hit him first and that he retaliated.” Ummmm, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A MAN EVER EVER LAY A HAND ON A GIRL/WOMAN. Seriously? So basically, this news source is saying that it reports the news, but it condones this father hitting the child. Why? Because girls grow up and I quote, “their hips get wide and their breast get full, so they think they are grown.” Wow, so this is what girls have to deal with? Even if she did hit him first, as if she could really hurt him. He could have restrained or let the mother deal with the girls. Women deal with girls and men deal with their sons when it comes to situations like this. You don’t bully your daughter because you can. So, NewsOne, you got this one wrong. Here is another quote.

“If Creflo had to tackle his daughter to keep her in the house that night, then part of me applauds him. A prominent Father who is willing to risk the humiliation of jail in order to protect his child is the kind of hero that the Black community needs.”

What community? Black community? GTFOH! Let me stop while I can.

Another quote.

But as far as I’m concerned, physical confrontations with a child are not necessarily child abuse.

In a world where Black children are shot every day by one another and by the police, the tough hand of a loving parent might be the only thing that keeps that child out of the morgue. I encourage others to refrain from judging Pastor Dollar’s parenting techniques until the evidence is fully revealed. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, his daughter thanks him for his sacrifice.


Those two quotes above are given by Dr. Boyce Watkins. So they give those degrees out to anyone I see. Common sense not required I suppose. I can see the daughter one day. “Thanks dad for choking the shit outta me and not trusting me to make my own decisions and choose wisely based on what you’ve taught me.” This Dr is worried about Creflos daughter being the victim of sexual assault if he doesn’t reign her in, but fails to see the physical abuse that she suffered at the hands of her own father.