Trayvon Martin–George Zimmerman




A young African American boy walks down the street carrying a bag of skittles and a cup of sweet tea is gunned down by a trigger happy community (official). His job was to be a neighborhood watchman. To say the least he took the situation too far. He murdered a young boy in cold blood and seems to have no remorse. On the stand as he was being questioned regarding his actions, as it referred to the decision to give him bail, he made a shocking comment.”I didn’t know how old he was” From the mouth of the attacker/aggressor Zimmerman. Will he get off for committing this crime?

Here is the disturbing part. Most residents of Sanford, Florida are very much aware of the racial tension between the residents and law enforcement of that town. The city is known for stereotyping blacks. Yes, crime has been an issue there, just as it has been in many towns. What makes this town different? Blacks have no voice and have chosen not to exercise their rights to free speech. Marches were held, people came from 100’s of miles away all to be a part of the outreach towards the Martin family. Seemingly to no avail. Mainly because, the state of Florida has a multitude of communities of blacks that insist on staying silent and thinking that marching to songs like, “We Shall Overcome” will be beneficial to their cause. It wont help. It didn’t help when Martin Luther did it and it won’t now. Sounds pessimistic? Not at all. It’s a matter of fact. Al Sharpton, The New Black Panther Party arrived and yet Zimmerman is tucked away and being taken care of by the state. He has no fears. He is receiving support from a portion of his community that believes in his story and sees this as an opportunity to to express their fears and hate. Yet, where is the outreach for the Martin family? The news reported the website of George Zimmerman a several occassions. They mention the fact that he has a facebook page. They introduced his attorney. Yet, it seems that the Martin family has cowered away into their respective corners to sulk over the loss of their deceased son. Where is his justice? They have received very little coverage, and the footage that is being shown is surrounded by their vision of defeat and desperation. It is fair to say that if Trayvon Martin doesnt get justice, it may be due to the idea that his family is passive and too emotional. Meanwhile, Zimmerman looks headstrong. If this family wants justice, they have to fight in it. Unfortunately, as Christians, they will sit back and wait on god to deliver them and show up and give them the justice that they deserve. Hmmmmm, not gonna happen. No one gets anything in this world without a fight. Do you think that Zimmerman will walk?

Another point to mention. Where have the character witness’s so to speak who could attest to the fact that Trayvon was a good boy? Has the family rounded them up? Friends, acquaintances, neighbors…etc. This young boy needs people who can come to his defense. Its not up to the courts or law enforcement to provide this information, the parents must do their own detective work. George Zimmerman has had several people from his neighborhood state that he is a kind hearted young man. A dead man cannot speak.