This is the image that the media is now showing the general public. It is an attempt to make Zimmerman appear to be more acceptable rather than the horrible shot of him in his jail house Orange. You might be surprised that it actually works. The Z Team has their homework done. They want him to win and they have insisted that the media bite their ideals and less of the ideals of the deceased and his family. The tables have turned and pretty soon, the Martin family will be grabbing at anything they can to ruin the image of an already known killer.

This photo shows the face of a loving family man. He looks soft and gentle. Like Norman Bates states, "Wouldn't Harm a fly." He sells it well and the media is buying. Mankind is much like a sponge. Soaking up whatever we get an overdose of. This picture does not show what was shown the night Zimmerman committed this crime. This is the picture that the public will want to relate to.