Is this the face of a killer?

Casey Anthony

This story rose to fame in 2008 and for so long, those who held the little Caylee Marie Anthony in their hearts will now be closer to breathing…or exhaling. So the trial will be held in Orlando, but the jury is being selected in ClearWater. Just 100 miles away…was that enough to take Anthony out of the publics eye? That attempt to get a jury from “far away” was somewhat shabby. No one is complaining though are they?

If most people who are aware of this case were questioned, They want her to fry for that she is being accused of. Orlando, Florida just recently sent their residents who live in a certain proximity to the Downtown Courthouse some letters pertaining to the media and the crowds that this case may draw.

This case is being said that it will draw more attention than OJ Simpson did in his trial, as being accused of killing his wife. There is still no reason why millions of people got involved in this case. If it wasn’t people protesting at the actual home, then its the hundreds of bloggers that write about this story. Why? There are hundreds of kids who get killed by their parents every day. None of them make national headlines. Supposedly, it’s the way Casey Anthony acted. Perhaps its her way of acting as if she could care less.  Maybe it was the knowledge that this child was missing over a month and the mother never mentioned it to anyone, but instead, chose a life of clubbing and partying. America and other countries, Yes other countries reached out after hearing this story. Some of my comments came from Japan.

However, those who aren’t close to this case when it comes to locale, will not have the same thoughts that O-towners have. Those who were there from the beginning. Those who frequented the same clubs that she visited. Those who stood in the parking lots at night after Casey Anthonys trips to her favorite bar, walked the same streets, went to the same school, lived in the same neighborhood. They will have plenty more to say. It hits closer to home.  Clear Water is clearly not far enough. But does that place exist? Well, there were people who didn’t know Oprah Winfrey who lived in the outskirts of Illinois, so…maybe it was. Granted, these were back wood folks with no televisions and no media outlets.

Read the story below…

Jury selection started Monday in the trial of an Orlando woman charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter.

Casey Anthony’s trial will take place in Orlando, but jurors are being selected at a courthouse about 100 miles away because of intense media coverage. The first panel of potential jurors met with the judge and attorneys Monday morning in Clearwater.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry hopes to have 20 jurors — including eight alternates — in place by the end of the week so the trial can begin May 17. Potential jurors will undergo two rounds of questioning and be asked if they could recommend the death penalty for Anthony.

She is charged with first-degree murder, and any juror who couldn’t recommend death would be disqualified.

Anthony, 25, has pleaded not guilty to killing her daughter Caylee and says a baby-sitter kidnapped her. After a massive search, the girl’s body was found seven months after her June 2008 disappearance. It was discovered by a meter reader in some woods about a quarter of a mile from the home mother and daughter had shared with Anthony’s parents and brother. Detectives said residue of a heart-shaped sticker was found on duct tape over the mouth of her skull.

Monday was spent identifying jurors who have personal issues that would preclude them from serving the six to eight weeks the trial is expected to last. Those not dismissed for those reasons must come back later for more questioning.

Orange County Courthouse

Defense attorney Jose Baez objected to the first panel of about 100 people in its entirety, saying that it wasn’t representative of Orlando’s demographics because it had only two Hispanic and four African-American jurors.

Perry denied the objection and questioning of the panelists began.

Perry also issued an order Monday morning denying a defense request to exclude air tests from carpet sample taken from Anthony’s car. Tests for odors associated with a body’s decomposition were run on the carpet sample and the tests identified chloroform in the sample.

Chloroform is a chemical associated with decomposition but also can be used to render a person unconscious.

The tests have never been admitted in a trial in the United States.


Blogger Thoughts…

So, Jose Baez wants more blacks and more latinos? Why? Does he really care? Does he think that whites would be more “easy” on her? When I covered this story 2 years ago, the crowds of readers were predominantly white. They hated her, loathed her, wanted her to fry. They created sites called, “Help Fry Casey” . I had them in my blog roll. Not sure where Jose is going with this, but it could back fire.