What’s a parent to do? If your child comes home and says, “I’m being bullied on the school bus.” Most parents would jump into action. That is exactly what this parent did. She first spoke with school officials about the problem. Then she took to the bus driver for answers and was met with more resistance. The bus driver called her daughter, “ghetto”. Where was there place to make such a comment when it comes to bullying?


Laura Booker, concerned Parent of bullied child.

It is a known truth that many bus drivers don’t care about the dealings on the bus. Children are raped, bullied, harassed all the time. Meanwhile, the bus driver sits idle and does nothing. It’s rare to find bus drivers who actually care. From the video you can tell that this mother was calm and collected. However, immediately the drive jumps to the defensive and tells the mother, “Your child is a liar.” That is surely no way to deal with a parent who has concerns for their child. What type of bus driver is this? He is the typical underpaid unskilled person who the transportation department normally hires. You get very few drivers who aren’t rude and disrespectful. Perhaps they feel this way because they are paid barely over minimum wage, if over at all. However, that is no excuse, and if you’re paid by tax payers, then you agreed to do a job. This mother is a hero. She is doing what she’s supposed to and the system is punishing her for caring.

Where can a child go in this world where it’s ok to beat on, harass, and bully? If a parent does this to their child, they are considered abusive. That child will then be removed from the home. What’s to take place in a case where a child is being attacked by another child? What’s to be made of a grown up whose supposedly in charge who sits back and blames that same child on a school bus? The school treated this with no credit nor merit. Her parental rights were violated to the 100th degree. If a parent is upset about how they are being treated on a bus, doesn’t that parent have a right to go to the bus? The video never shows her being aggressive. Why was she arrested? Because they could and they wanted to make an example out of her. It is good that she is suing the school. More parents should do this. Someone needs to be held accountable for irresponsible adults who are left in charge of your child. Read the story below…

Raw Video : http://www.wftv.com/video/27522300/index.html

The Sanford mother who was arrested after confronting her daughter’s school bus driver to try and find out who was allegedly bullying her is asking the state attorney’s office to drop charges against her.

The incident happened on a school bus and was caught on camera. It escalated when the when the bus driver, Roy Hooks, responded to Booker’s concerns about her daughter being bullied. He’s now the center of an intense district investigation.

“That’s a lying little girl. I don’t care what you hear from the other students. I’m just saying the girl’s a big liar,” Hooks is heard saying in the video.

Laura Booker said her daughter, the bullying victim, is now riding to school on a different bus. Booker hired a lawyer to handle the incident.

Booker told WFTV Wednesday that Hooks allows the kids on his bus to act crazy, and what got her most angry is when he allegedly implied her daughter was “ghetto.”

Deputies were called in by Hooks to pull Booker off the bus. Deputies threatened to use a taser on Booker if she didn’t step away. She did, but was later charged with trespassing and resisting an officer.

Booker’s lawyer told WFTV he plans to ask the state attorney’s office to dismiss the charges.

“We’re hopeful that if the school board watches the video, that they will contact the state attorney’s office and try to get them not to press charges,” said attorney Mark Nation.

Booker said she’s surprised she was arrested.

“It was excessive. I said nothing. I thought if the bus driver called police they’d be on my side. Parents don’t get on buses for nothing,” she said.

Booker said years ago she did the same thing when her son was allegedly being bullied. She said she confronted the children on the bus during that incident, but that did not lead to an arrest.

“I was told at that time, you cannot get on the school bus when students are on it. I knew that after, so I made sure I waited until every child was off that bus,” said Booker.

Booker also said she’s disappointed with the Seminole County School District.

Booker will head to court in May.