iT’S ABOUT TIME! BET is the worst thing to ever happen to the black community in recent years. They keep blacks in the dark about anything worthwhile knowing and it’s left the community stagnant for years on end. Marketing to a younger crowd in the worst way possible. BET boasts shows that glorify drug dealers and drug dealing. It is known to continuously give it’s viewers a one sided perspective on what it is to be African American. It in no way shape or form elevates the mind of the toddler. It does nothing to stimulate the mind of the thought process of teens. It in now way garners the support needed for the young adult. Frankly, the station is devoid of having any real principles that are applicable to a living other than substandard.

It is fair to say that most black families have no interest in watching the network unless they are hosting a Music Award Show of some sort. Other than that, it’s a waste of time. Late at night, the channel allows Pastors to solicit monies from it’s viewers. Knowing full well that some of these same pastors have been investigated for fraud and tax evasion. What type of role model is that for children to see? Pastors who are pedophiles are allowed to stand on the podium for the viewers to see despite their crimes, if they pay for air time, they get it. Even secular networks will be careful as to who they let do commercials or what types of shows they want. BET accepts all rejects.

There isn’t a day that goes by where you turn to the station and the movie of the night is of some poor black family who has a son named Trevon who is struggling on a decision. His typical decision is NOT what college to join, but rather, should I sell drugs and join a gang. That is not the typical black American household and BET IS in a time warp. They literally have no clue what’s going on. What you broadcast on the air shows a lot and for a station to be called BET, they fail miserably. Black Entertainment  is what they are supposed to specialize in. However, There is nothing entertaining about having to watch gun shots and teen victims laying dead or dying in the streets. There is nothing entertaining about seeing all the movies that offer no real solution for getting out of the ghettos. It’s like watching Good Times everyday. What’s Good about watching blacks live in the same run down apartment with a lazy black employee who refuses to do anything constructive? That sort of show is fine at times, but as an everyday thing, it would give any child watching the idea that this sort of living is acceptable. It’s not. We have a black president for goodness sake. Why are we still stuck in 1960?

It will be refreshing to see actual programs that highlight the careers of professional blacks, historians, educational shows and the elite entertainers of the world, History and present. That is what black America needs to see. Read the story below…

The country’s first broadcast network aimed at African-American audiences is set to debut this fall with free movies, sports and documentaries.

Atlanta-based Bounce TV will be an over-the-air channel supported by sponsors, showing programs for blacks ages 25 to 54. It is designed to be carried on the digital signals of local television stations, and it doesn’t necessarily want to compete with existing cable networks like BET, TV One, or Centric, said Ryan Glover, a former Turner Broadcasting executive and member of the Bounce leadership team.

“We are basically targeting the rabbit-ear consumer,” Glover said.

As the network grows, it also plans to produce original programming. The network hopes to launch in as many as half of American television households, or up to 50 million homes.

Glover declined to disclose how much the venture will cost, saying only that it is less than launching a cable network.
“Our audience is so desperately underserved, I think consumers will welcome a fourth option,” he said. “Hopefully in the future, there will be a fifth, sixth and seventh offering. Bounce TV will fill the void for people who are hungry for more African-American-related programming, stories, characters, sports and events.”

Bounce has already acquired the television rights to nearly 400 movies, including “The Wiz” and “Car Wash”; several Spike Lee productions, including “Jungle Fever,” “Mo’ Better Blues” and “Do the Right Thing”; and films featuring Oscar winner Denzel Washington, such as “The Hurricane,” the Civil War epic “Glory” and “Philadelphia.”

The network also announced a multiyear rights agreement with Urban Sports Entertainment Group to televise football and basketball games from the country’s largest black athletic conference, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, including the CIAA championship football game and select quarter- and semifinal CIAA tournament basketball games.

Media analyst and consultant Sherri Anne Brill called the startup interesting.

“What it will do is give access to that type of programming to those who may not have access to” cable, she said. “Everything competes in a multichannel environment, but it’s not like someone who has cable won’t want to watch this if it’s good. As long as they have big investors behind them, they’ll be able to get the word out. It’s tough to get on the map. The key is marketing and generating awareness.”

Martin Luther King III and civil rights icon Andrew Young are also listed as founders of the network. Rainforest Films co-founders Rob Hardy and Will Packer are also on the network’s leadership team, and ex-Sony Pictures Television Executive Jeffrey Wolf is leading distribution efforts.