Casey Anthony had seemingly requested that her long standing attorney Jose Baez leave the case. Jose Baez was the initial attorney that began with Anthony in the beginning stages of her being charged with Murder.

Casey Anthony is accused and being charged with the murder of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. Her body was discovered in a park a few blocks from her mothers home.

Casey Anthony

The initial story was that a babysitter/nanny had taken the child and possibly left the country. However, a foul odor that was witnessed by the childs grandmother left police to believe that there was some sort of foul play. Casey Anthony lead the world to believe that the child was indeed kidnapped, despite Cadaver dogs touching on several sites around the property. Those that were interested in this case were thrown for a loop as the story began to unfold.

Casey Anthony had stolen from her best friend, She was found to have had a long and hard party life. It was determined by many that she was in a position to choose her boyfriend over her daughter. Proof showed that her boyfriend was the choice that this mother made. Records indicated that while Casey Anthony was claiming that her child was missing, there were pictures of her that surfaced of her in night clubs dancing, drinking and partying all night.

Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Basically, this missing child was not being looked for by anyone. The grandparents weren’t aware of what had taken place. Casey Anthony had stolen her mothers credit card and ran up charges, she had practically burned bridges with a lot of people.

Once they realized that the case was becoming more complicated and that the Kidnapping story was not believable, she obtained an attorney.

Jose Baez was mocked and criticized for having never won any cases, and for having no known experience for handling such a crucial case. Many followers of this world known tragedy believed that Casey Anthony and her attorney were having an affair at times because of their long hours together. Jose Baez had been reprimanded by the Jail Guards at the correctional facility to keep his hands off his client. He had been warned of this a few times and was told if he cannot keep his hands off of her, that his visitation would be stopped. He eventually changed his behavior.

Jose Baez (attorney) with Casey Anthony

This case is set to go to Trial in May. It is long awaited and many hearts cried out for this little girl. The writer of this blog committed all of her time and resources to covering the story and now the moment that was waited on has come. Now there’s a monkey wrench. Jose Baez has been on this case for over a 2 years. What will this do for the case?

Does the client now feel that her attorney is incompetent? Has she finally listened to the media who said that he was ill equipped to handle such a case? Actually, it is none of those. Turns out, it was totally a HOAX.

Casey Anthony Jose Baez

Read the story below…

New court documents show someone has asked Judge Belvin Perry to let Jose Baez go on Casey Anthony’s behalf.

A court document filed by a prisoner in another state motioned for Baez’s removal from the case.

It is not clear if the prisoner, Curtis Jackson, has any relation to the case at all.

“There has been an attorney-client breakdown in which the defendant feels that attorney Jose Baez’ defense strategy is innefective, not sound or reasonable,” Jackson, who is being held in Michigan, wrote.

Casey’s main attorneys are Jose Baez and veteran defense lawyer Cheney Mason. Jacksonville attorney Ann Finnell is working on penalty phase issues and attorney Dorothy Sims specializes in cross-examining medical experts.

The case returns to court at 9 a.m. Wednesday for more hearings. will stream the hearings live.

Jury selection in Anthony’s murder trial is scheduled to begin May 9, 2011.

Michigan Inmate Curtis Jackson filed this motion with the State of Florida.

The motion is well written and apparently, Jackson files better motions than the “real” attorney. It looked legitimate and it was accepted as truth. The question now remains, did Casey Anthony have anything to do with this motion?

Does she want to have Baez removed from the case and has chosen to use Jackson as her mouth piece? It is unthinkable that he would just come up with this idea to file a bogus motion on behalf of someone he doesn’t know. He could be merely trying to get the spot light, and of course, he deserves it for the time being. The media was fooled, they printed the story and thought it was real, This blog wrote the story and went back to cross reference and discovered it was a hoax.


Click the link below to read the motion filed.


Curtis Jackson Michigan Inmate