A young Raspy sounding girl whose voice puts you at ease is on the scene, but before she can get her feet off the ground, the big dogs come in and steal her works.

Matthew Knowles, the father to the Infamous Beyonce Knowles is reported to have stolen this song from B.C. Jean. Jean took the song to her producers in an effort to get the song out there, but they refused the song. Jeans Partner Toby Gad took back the song and looked for someone to market it to. Beyonce saw the song and liked it, and decided to place it on her “I am Sasha Fierce” album. Problem is, she gave no credit to the writer of the song and acted as if it were her own.

Another dirty dealing.  BC Jean had no idea that her song had even made headlines or had received any attention, since the door was slammed in her face, until she received a message from a stranger telling her of the news. Jean grew frustrated and then put her words of frustration on her Myspace page.  http://www.myspace.com/bcjean

Her wording was clear. “This is my song, I wrote it”. In a nuttshell, that’s what Jean stated. No media outlets reported hearing anything from the Knowles clan. Matthew Knowles never came forth with apologies, Beyonce never came forth. They let this girl go unnoticed and her talents unexplored all for their selfish gain. What would have been the harm with giving her the credit for writing the song?

That’s bad business and who trusts the Knowles family? Beyonce was the “star” by her own standards of butt shaking and over singing, why not share the wealth? Are they so selfish? Jean was given a Raw Deal.

Speaking of a deal…It’s a deal gone wrong. BC Jeans people, as part of the “terms” that Beyonce had come to with Jean were to allow Jean and Knowles to do a duet together IF Jean were to get her own record deal. That has not happened yet for Jean, so that makes Beyonce still having not truly paid for her lies. Was Jean compensated for her work? Will Beyonce come to steal from the unsuspecting artist again?

BC Jean was at a time in her life where Pain was her middle name when it came to guys. That sparked her to actually Write the song and the music accompanying it. The song is beautiful.

BC Jean

It’s not fair to say her rendition of it is classic Rock, because as the original owner, all others must be considered roguish. Listening to her sing the song, you feel the pain she is speaking about.

Beyonce Knowles is not new to being accused of stealing other peoples property. She is notorious for it. “Single Ladies” is Not hers. A song written by Jon McClaughlin that was sang by him and not chosen for his album was taken by her. The song is titled , “Smack into You.” The name was changed to “Smash into You” by Beyonce and her team.

Beyonce Knowles is also known to take credit for the song written by singer songwriter Ne-yo “Irreplaceable”. She took credit for the song because she reportedly Hummed the initial introduction in the song.

Jazmine/Jasmine Sullivan, singer songwriter wrote a song called “Resentment” Victoria Beckham recorded the song, yet Beyonce came along and stole the credit for the song. Once again, not giving anyone the credit but herself.

Beyonces father, Matthew Knowles, acting as her manager is known for his aggressive man handling and setting her up with music rights. He wanted to make sure that he got Beyonces name on the list as a writer. Problem is, she didn’t write these songs. There are many more songs and works that were published and copyrighted that the Knowles family stole. They are powerhouses in the business, and also bullies.

No one has a problem if a singer/performer decides that a song is not worthy of their cd or project. If they decide to give the song to Beyonce that is their prerogative. What makes this story so horrendous and scandalous is this. We have an over sexed over singer who takes the talent of others and gives them absolutely no credit for their work. A man who works is worth their pay. If Beyonce was without music, since it’s apparent that she cannot write a lyric to save her life, perhaps, she could have just made a series of videos with no sound, of her shaking her tail feather. I’m certain it would have done well. The video “Single Ladies” was not her own. It was stolen from The Mexican Breakfast Dance video. I witnessed the video and the moves are definitely stolen.

She has stolen from Shakira, she has jumped on board with Lady Gaga. Is there any originality with this lady?

Beyonce Knowles has no honor and she has no shame. Recently this story broke, that she and her manager parted ways after many years of him being her father. (that was intentional) Matthew Knowles acts like the Pimp and his daughter is the stage whore. What won’t they do for money? The BEST that this family has to offer is the incomparable Solange. She is a great talent and a classy lady. She is underrated and because the Media is so hungry for sex, Solange is kept as the secret shy girl who cannot be displayed. Her day will come.

It’s also noticeable that the Knowles family has this strange thing that took place. Matthew Knowles has taken such good care of his daughter Beyonce, he broke the law on her behalf time and time again. Yet, he never set his wife up. Instead, Ms “Tina” Knowles didn’t get her House of Dereon business started until her daughter helped finance her company. Where was Matthew in this project? One would think that it being is WIFE, that he’d set her up even better than he did his daughter. We suppose if  Tina could shake it the way Beyonce does, then she could have been a Dream Girl or perhaps a Destinys Child.

So what is BC Jean to do with her talents? Well, according to Ne-Yo, on an exclusive interview, keep on moving and keep trying. Ne-Yo had the exact thing happen to him. Broken promises and lies and deception. He continues to try and is doing pretty well for himself. She shouldn’t let this set back set her back. Jean truly has a wonderful sound. She has a great talent and she’s an attractive lady.