Elizabeth Taylor
Classy Dame Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra)

Cause of Death, Unknown. She touches my heart and she was my favorite actress. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof was my favorite. She played as Maggie the Cat. She starred with Paul Newman.

What can be said about Elizabeth Taylor? A picture is worth a million words. Her eyes tell you her soul and she left it for all to see. Not only was she beautiful outside, she was a beauty inside. One thing to learn from Elizabeth…Live your life, and live the life you want to live. She cared not what people thought of her. She knew her purpose, and she touched so many hearts.

On the Screen she held me captive, she will truly be missed. She held us all captive and if you’ve never taken the time to see a movie of hers, by all means, don’t cheat this lady, go and find one and watch it. Watch the magic on the screen with Elizabeth Taylor.

The lady actresses of today are mere fragments of her poise and class. Elizabeth Taylor is indeed a Lady of Grace. Her style remained Elegant throughout her career and her beauty never faltered.

There is a host of pictures on the HomePage of my blog, so be sure to check them out. http://www.erickaecourtney.wordpress.com Deliberately, I wanted Elizabeth Taylor to own that front page during her time.

Elizabeth Taylor aside Paul Newman