The moment we met, I didn’t try. We just did.
I saw your eyes, and I didn’t struggle to see, We just saw

I never needed a tool, I never needed a part, We just Started.
Now we drive.

I love you, because of you, I believe I can.
Because of you, I do.

When we first touched, I fell. You picked me up, and you’ve carried me ever since.

Remember our first time together. I was unsure, and you showed me more than you told me. Because of you, I do relive that memory when we’re apart. Because I do.

Our first kiss, wasn’t bliss, I missed. And we smiled, then we laughed. Because of you, I still laugh today whenever you walk my way. I just Do. It’s because of you.

Right now, I’m thinking about my life. I’m thinking of what it would mean to not laugh, to not have anyone carry me, to not drive, to not breathe, I realize that is no life to live.

You are the most important thing to me. My life doesn’t exist if you’re not here. You are the air I breath. Everything I do it’s for you.

When I awake in the morning, it’s you, because of you, I can see the world as a beautiful place.
When I sleep at night, I see the fears dissipate. Because of you, I sleep better.

My mountains become higher and my rivers become longer. My streams become more complicated, and I conquer them all because of you.
Because of you, my heart beats. Because of you, …I am love. I just feel like I could be loved, because of You.