A Bronx pastor charged with raping a 12-year-old girl from his flock turned down a “sweetheart” plea deal that came with three years in prison.

Michael Clare, 38, refused the offer from prosecutors, despite “almost irrefutable proof” he impregnated the child, said Bronx Supreme Court Justice Megan Tallmer.

“He wasn’t interested,” Tallmer said in court Monday.

Clare’s lawyer, Paul Brenner, asked the judge to consider probation instead of prison.

“I would never do that,” she snapped, citing a DNA match between Clare and the victim’s aborted fetus.

Clare – the married leader of the Harvest Worship Center and principal of the associated Harvest Prep school, declined comment outside court.

Authorities learned of the alleged crimes in June, when the girl, who now 15, told her parents and police that Clare had sexually preyed on her for three years.

Clare, who is free on $50,000 bond, faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of first-degree rape at trial.

Prosecutors believe he may have victimized other young churchgoers as well.

The judge said his preaching days are probably over, though, since his name would likely be added to the state sex offender registry following any plea deal.

“I don’t see how he could continue his work as a pastor,” Tallmer said.

Clare’s lawyer said the clergyman will be vindicated at trial.

“He turned down the plea deal because he’s innocent,” Brenner said.

One prosecutor said that was a mistake.

“This was a sweetheart offer considering the evidence against him,” the prosecutor said. “It won’t get any better from here.”

…My take below…

So you would think that the story is that a Pastor raped a 12 year old girl and that she was a member of his congregation and that he impregnated her. But not today. Today the story is about, Why is there a “sweet heart deal in the first place?”

First off considering the nature of the crime, it is highly Inappropriate to call it a Sweet Heart Deal. That’s tasteless and tacky.

Where is the outcry and outpouring of blacks on this subject? We should see pastors on the television and on the podiums regarding this crime against this young girl. Instead they’d rather defend 12 rapists from Texas because they were “good boys.” They had potential. Who are we kidding?

Regardless of the evidence against this man, what’s wrong with this picture? How is it possible that for raping a 12 year old child you get 3 years? Then to attempt to clean it up and say, “It won’t get any better from here.” They have really done this child a favor haven’t they? Then the comment “The Clergyman will be vindicated at trial.”

Why do I write these stories? Why even bother? Where is the justice in this case of this girl? It’s her color isn’t it? It’s her wanton eyes as a 12 year old black girl. It’s the notion that all black girls are ” Open” and sexual before their time. It’s the old idea that black girls are “loose”. It still hasn’t died yet. She must’ve wanted this. Perhaps as the pastor was preaching, the child was in the audience smiling at him. She must’ve been crossing her legs and pulling a Sharon Stone. The Good Pastor Clare couldn’t resist, now could he?

Principal and Pastor? “I don’t think he will ever be able to preach again, or how could he?” Easily, very easily. It’s no wonder blacks are set back so far financially for supporting rapists and con artists. If he wanted to be, he can be in the pulpit immediately. Why? How? Many black patrons are still pimping their pastors and they are nothing more than whores and drug addicts that need entertainment.

When you choose your man of God over God, then you do yourself a disservice. He should do the maximum time allowed. He should pay punitive damages to the victim. The monies that he collected from his delusional members should be used to pay for this childs education and any needs that she may have. A thorough investigation should be done behind the walls of this church and it’s so ironic that he’s a Principal as well. What a real piece of garbage this pathetic waste of human life is. He has surrounded himself with children. These types always do.

If his members aren’t complaining about this Satan Reject, then who will? See, a lot of times the members will know what’s going on and still sit idly by and do nothing. They can know that he is a whore, a drug user and a pedophile, but to save face, they hide behind God. It’s insane and these fools will bust hells gates wide open. It is despicable. This attorney is a money hungry pile of dung with no morals. This story is an all time low.
If I were his wife, I would be repenting to God for marrying such a detestable thing. It’s not likely that his wife knew what she was getting and of course, no background check can help in these situations. When you marry something like this, it destroys your core and all of your judgments become challenged from then on. Did this man have children? What do they think? This has been the toughest story to talk about because it’s taking all I can to avoid expletives. My attempts to maintain a professional site are going out the window when it comes to children.

How many children have to go through this before stricter laws are made? Laws are already on the books, but if deals can be offered in exchange for lighter sentences, then what has been accomplished? This animal will get out and do the same thing again. That seems to be the basis of all these crimes. Let him out, and let him destroy further. It is a vicious cycle and parishioners won’t stop it, because they are too heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. I better not hear one comment about “Judge Not.” I swear, I will curse you out from sun up to sun down. Any of you stupid blacks who come to this site with your nonsense bull about how this man should be judged by God, don’t you even leave a comment. No one wants to hear your crap. Frankly, we are sick of you and your stupidity and ignorance. I don’t care who your Pastor is and what you believe. If you think this man is innocent and should be judged by God, don’t plague my site with your foolishness. Just keep saving your money and keep paying it out to your dealer/pimp of a pastor and let’s see where you end up in 20 years when you’re broke, and he’s in jail for raping another child.

Anyone of you out there thinking that maybe this pastor refused the plea deal because he wanted to get the full sentence should think about this…let’s wait and see. Better yet, you wait while the mentally and spiritually strong Pray.

Another note, Black people were raped, beaten and abused by white men years ago, and this following the leader needs to stop. No one of the age of 38 would even know what that was like, so this excuse cannot be used. Understanding that the average person has no real clue of what the word Christian means, it should carry the idea that most of you Wanna be Christians are not Christians at all, but more so followers of MAN. Everything you do is hidden behind that book. Your way of worshiping, your way of living and your way of giving. But you have no common sense as to how to follow the rules. Fornication is a sin, Adultery is a sin. First and foremost at least admit that this pastor is a liar, he is a rapist, he is a con artist. What does your bible say about these things? Blacks who live under these pastors are mere slaves who are pretending to be something. They think they know God. Chains and shackles on your feet and now you’re not owned by the white man, it is your own race that owns and controls you.

Blacks who live in this lifestyle of having a pimp for a pastor are nothing more than lambs to the slaughter. They are nothing more than fools who still feel that they need a leader. It is easy to sway a nigger. It is easy to rape and violate them. If I wanted to be a pastor, I could make millions. Why not? There is plenty of money to be had from these unlearned individuals. It’s just like guiding sheep. If you drop something for a sheep, it will follow. What a horrible thing to say about ones OWN race. My blog is committed to being truthful.

You live and you’re supposed to learn.