How many of you were raised to believe that blacks stayed on their side and whites stayed on their side? Basically, DO NOT associate with those people. Now granted we do have many who still feel that way. But the new thing now is populate the earth and do it whatever way you see fit?
Why can’t we all love each other? What is the harm in loving someone out of your race?
Too many years have gone by where you’d have a white man who looked at a black woman and thought to himself, “Nah, she won’t go for me.” Well did you try? She might have actually been thinking the same thing. Have you ever looked at another race and thought, “What do they think about my race and my people?” Have you ever taken the time out to ask them what they thought? What’s the harm? If you want to know, then why not inquire? That has been a major problem in this country, and as we watch the Old fogies die off, you will begin to see more interracial couples marrying. The reason I mentioned the Old Fogies is because they are the ones who left the mark on the brains of their children. And it’s unfortunate. It would seem that avoiding the subject would be the best option now, but in this day and age, you have to talk about it.

So let’s talk. What is holding you back from going forth in that interracial relationship? Is it some stereotype that white men aren’t as endowed as black men? Is it that you feel that Asian Men are more educated and you’d feel inferior than he if you were to embark on a relationship? Are you concerned that you’re not black enough for that black guy that you’ve had your eye on? Are you thinking that as a black woman, that your hair is not long enough for you to confront that white guy? What’s your insecurity? That is the first thing you have to deal with. It seems simple enough, but you’d be amazed at how the many doctrines that were passed down will influence who you choose to fall in love with.
I can assure you, with love, sometimes there is no choice. If your potential love is an older white woman and you’re a younger black man, then why aren’t you pursuing it? Who are you living for? The racial barriers will never be broken if we continue to live in segregated states. If we continue to attend separate schools, declaring the separate but equal status, things will never progress. And it is high time we’ve had some progression in this country. Love truly knows no bounds and knows no color or creed. It is truly based on what you feel when you are with that person. The way that person looks at you and how they perceive you.

Now of course, you want to avoid getting with someone simply on the basis of skin color. That could be devastating in the end. Now perhaps for those of you with your fetishes of Asian women or black women, or black men who desire to have a fling with a white woman, what’s the harm if both people are mutually respecting the choice? Just be mindful of the other persons thoughts.

When you venture out into the world, keep an open mind. You may have grown up in the projects of Brooklyn, Newyork and never saw whites in your community. Does that mean that white men are off limits? Of course not. It just means that if you find yourself on the other side of town, give it a looksey. If you’re that black man and you feel that you’re not smart enough for a white woman to date you, look around. You’d be amazed that white women do actually like black men. Not all of them, but there are also black women who do not like their own race, for whatever reason. That attitude comes in all races. There have been talk shows where Asian women have said, “I only like black guys or Latino men.” That is truly that womans preference. There is truly someone for everyone, and the Maury Povich show is proof positive. Now yes, I did just give a strange example, but the reality is there for you to see.

If you are one of those people who refuses to accept any other race than your own, because you’re thinking it’s sinful or you think you’re keeping your race pure, well you have contributed to a small nugget of the worlds view. Which ultimately means, you have really made no difference at all. America is the Melting Pot of the World and so is Africa. There are very few places where you can find so many mixed races as you find here. It is worth applauding. The times are over where one walked the streets and saw a black guy with a white girl and someone ended up getting lynched. The days are long gone when a white man looked upon a black woman and said the only way to sleep with her is to sneak into her bed at night. In history, there are so many stories about interracial dating that were never made public because of the fear that would grip them. Who could blame them? Times have changed and if you’re not paying attention, you will eventually look around and realize that you’re the only one who has not gotten the memo. If love is truly the basis for the interracial relationship, worrying about your public appearance is the least of your worries.

Story below…

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — For generations here in the deepest South, there had been a great taboo: publicly crossing the color line for love. Less than 45 years ago, marriage between blacks and whites was illegal, and it has been frowned upon for much of the time since.
Race Remixed

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

The Peepleses at home in Hattiesburg. “I really never thought twice about it,” Mrs. Peeples said of dating a white man.

So when a great job beckoned about an hour’s drive north of the Gulf Coast, Jeffrey Norwood, a black college basketball coach, had reservations. He was in a serious relationship with a woman who was white and Asian.

“You’re thinking about a life in South Mississippi?” his father said in a skeptical voice, recalling days when a black man could face mortal danger just being seen with a woman of another race, regardless of intentions. “Are you sure?”

But on visits to Hattiesburg, the younger Mr. Norwood said he liked what he saw: growing diversity. So he moved, married, and, with his wife, had a baby girl who was counted on the last census as black, white and Asian. Taylor Rae Norwood, 3, is one of thousands of mixed-race children who have made this state home to one of the country’s most rapidly expanding multiracial populations, up 70 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to new data from the Census Bureau.

In the first comprehensive accounting of multiracial Americans since statistics were first collected about them in 2000, reporting from the 2010 census, made public in recent days, shows that the nation’s mixed-race population is growing far more quickly than many demographers had estimated, particularly in the South and parts of the Midwest. That conclusion is based on the bureau’s analysis of 42 states; the data from the remaining eight states will be released this week.

In North Carolina, the mixed-race population doubled. In Georgia, it expanded by more than 80 percent, and by nearly as much in Kentucky and Tennessee. In Indiana, Iowa and South Dakota, the multiracial population increased by about 70 percent.

“Anything over 50 percent is impressive,” said William H. Frey, a sociologist and demographer at the Brookings Institution. “The fact that even states like Mississippi were able to see a large explosion of residents identifying as both black and white tells us something that people would not have predicted 10 or 20 years ago.”

Census officials were expecting a national multiracial growth rate of about 35 percent since 2000, when seven million people — 2.4 percent of the population — chose more than one race. Officials have not yet announced a national growth rate, but it seems sure to be closer to 50 percent.

The contour and the shade of the change are not uniform. In states like California, Hawaii and Oklahoma, where people of mixed race already made up a significant percentage of the total, the increases were smaller than in places like Mississippi, where there were far fewer mixed-race people to start with. In Hawaii, for instance — where the multiracial group accounts for 23 percent of the population, highest of any state — the growth since 2000 was 23.6 percent.

Also, in Hawaii, the predominant mix is Asian and white and native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, while in Oklahoma, it is American Indian and white. In Mississippi, the most common mix is black and white — historically and today the two groups least likely to intermarry, sociologists say, because of the enduring social and economic distance between them. (It was also against the law until 1967.)

Mississippi led the nation in the growth of mixed marriages for most of the last decade, according to Mr. Frey’s analysis of the American Community Survey. Still, multiracial people are a tiny percentage of the state’s population: 34,000, about 1.1 percent. And many here complain of enduring racial inequities.

There was an uproar last year over comments by Gov. Haley Barbour suggesting that the civil rights era in Mississippi, with its sometimes fatal strife, was not that bad. And some are rankled that the state flag still contains a miniature version of the Confederate battle standard.

Nonetheless, many here also see progress, something akin to “a door opening,” in the words of one resident.

“Racial attitudes are changing,” said Marvin King, a professor of political science at the University of Mississippi who is black, married to a white woman, and the father of a 2-year-old biracial daughter. “Day in, day out, there is certainly not the hostility there was years ago, and I think you see that in that there are more interracial relationships, and people don’t fear those relationships. They don’t have to hide those relationships anymore.”

Mr. Norwood and his wife, Patty Norwood, agreed. “It’s been really smooth here,” said Mr. Norwood, 48, a Hattiesburg resident for 11 years and a men’s basketball coach at William Carey University. He had been most recently coaching at a college in the culturally diverse area of Cajun Louisiana. “I think some people who may not have been comfortable with this in the past have no choice now. I mean, people always told me, the farther south you go, the more racism you’ll feel. But that has not been true.”

Mrs. Norwood, 39, a photographer who is Thai and Chinese on her mother’s side and white on her father’s, added: “I think if people see that you are genuine and in love, and that you are comfortable with yourselves, they are put at ease.”

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All in all, the proof is in the pudding. The cause is unknown for this desire for

interracial mixing, but in time, it will prove positive for a lot of reasons. Right now, in a diverse country, it is hard for black and white to talk about politics. It is virtually impossible for anyone to speak against anything that has a black agenda without being called racist. Even the election of President Obama has sparked some racial tensions that were always present, but kept under the rug. Now they are surfacing. Well the problem is this. When you had blacks and whites living miles apart, it was easy to say, “leave them alone.” But when you have white children and black children playing together in school and they laugh with each other, it is indeed the parents who have the problem. The children are never the problem. They play with each other and nothing about race comes up. And if it were possible, it would have been inbred into their thinking. Since children are not born with this division in their psyche. Yes a child may ask their parents, Why is their skin whiter or lighter and why is their hair straighter or darker, but racism does not have to be introduced. It is solely up to the parents what that child learns.

As a multiracial couple, it is easier for you to challenge these topics and come out as a survivor. Race talks aren’t easy when there is so much dispute, but it is a proven asset to live in harmony with someone you love. Speak on those words and not on the media frenzy. Don’t see the stares or glares. If you’re with someone who you feel makes you look smaller, because sometimes that happens with some couples, example: A white girl might not want to go to the family reunion of the all black family. However, it’s simple, feed off of your partner and if he or she says it’s ok, then it is. Let go of your inhibitions and be happy for once. The relationship that you’ve chosen for you is yours to enjoy, not for everyone to approve. Live Love and Laugh.

I wrote a story about a year ago, it was called, Whats The Racial Divide? And in that particular topic I spoke on the one thing that each couple has in common no matter what side of the field they play on and that element is sex. It is the Universal language and it will never die. The physical attraction of the eyes to the person of another race is undeniable. When politics separate you, which is exactly what it was designed to do, biblical concepts that teach you to be fruitful and multiply spark into action.

Don’t you dare try to fight it. Once again, Live, Love and Laugh.