Sylvia Puig

Nothing like being caught on the wrong side of the law, when you were once a law enforcement officer. Noone will understand better what walking down that long corridor means than Sylvia Puig. Hopefully, she has good Karma. It would be good if she weren’t a crooked officer. What would make a wife shoot her husband? He was lying in bed and she shot him?

This story has a lot of missing links. It is a tragedy when relationships end in homicide. Are the days over when parting ways actually worked? Do we need to speak on gun control? It is notable that too many women and men are being killed in domestic disputes from gun usage. These are apparently law abiding citizens where are allowed legally to purchase a weapon, then something happens and they abuse that privilege. Yes it is abuse of privilege when you irresponsibly remove a gun from it’s safety place and decide to commit a crime with it. There is no fight in a marriage that is worth murder is there? Read the story below…

OCALA, Fla. — An Ocala woman called 911 and told police that she shot her husband while in their home at the 1200 block of S.E. 19th Street Wednesday night, Marion County investigators said Thursday.

When Ocala police officers arrived at the home, they found 52-year-old Victor Puig lying in bed, still alive, with a gunshot wound to his face. Victor Puig was transported to the hospital for treatment, where he later died.

Investigators said the couple had been having marital problems, which may have led to the shooting.

Officers recovered a .9-mm handgun from inside the home, which they said is believed to be the weapon Puig used to shoot her husband.

Detectives said they initially arrested Puig for the attempted murder of her husband. However, on Thursday detectives learned of her husband’s death and said she will be charged with homicide.

Puig was transported to the Marion County jail and is being held with no bond.

Puig is a correction’s officer at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators said her husband is a former corrections officer for the same agency.