Newyork spends $75 million a year to lock up people caught with marijuana, a new study says, even though it’s not technically a crime.

The report by the Drug Policy Alliance says the NYPD spends that much on 50,000 annual pot arrests, in which 86% of those arrested are black or Latino.

State law requires people carrying small amounts of pot to receive the equivalent of a traffic ticket, but critics say the NYPD arrests and jails them anyway – hurting their job and life prospects.

“It stays on your record permanently,” Bronx resident Alfredo Carrasquillo, 27, said at a City Hall news conference. “When they ask you if you’ve ever been arrested, you have to say yes.”

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly defended the marijuana arrests at a budget hearing later, telling Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito that police tactics and strategies have kept crime down even if she doesn’t like them.

“If you think the law is not written correctly, then you should petition the state Legislature to change it,” he told her. “The law clearly says if you have marijuana in public view, you should be arrested. It’s a misdemeanor.”


So, if it’s a misdemeanor, then are these arrests turning these folks into felons? Why would a misdemeanor stay on your record forever?
Do you know how many people smoke pot these days? Even the elite has a stash somewhere in their office. Yet NewYork has found a way to pay the state and to turn prospective decent men into criminals. When you arrest someone for a small amount of personal marijuana, you have the potential to destroy their growth. That person should not be locked up for smoking an herb. We all understand Drug selling, but smoking a blunt? That’s over the top.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Jails and prisons are big business. Remember, each inmate that is locked up allows the state to get a certain amount of monies to support them. It’s outrageous. Some states, it’s $1500.00 a day for each inmate who stays 24 hours. So imagine an inmate who was given a 15 year sentence. 365×1500= what? More money for the state to house these non criminals.

This is racist and prejudiced. Yes it is a known fact that most blacks and Latinos are more brazen when it comes to their smoking habits. They are more bold and they have no problem letting you know they are firing up. However, cops should also have no problem giving them a ticket and sending them on their way. If they have over the legal limit that is classified for personal use, then arrest them, as it is possible that they are selling and delivering. But for personal use, ticket/citation only, then move on to the more hardened criminals.

The jails are over crowded and it keeps the minor infractions locked away, but the pedophiles and rapist walk free. Florida is the same way. They lock up everyone for everything. A forgetful driver who forgot to renew their license could find themselves arrested. That’s nonsense. If you don’t have insurance, you can find yourself arrested. Public displays of farts could get you arrested. What next?

This entire story is insane and it goes to show you that the states are money hungry, and it is a waste of tax payers money. Weed Heads are not hardened criminals. Hardened criminals are hardened criminals. Could a person who smokes weed eventually want to smoke crack or do heroine? Well of course, but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. If we locked everyone up for preventative maintenance, then noone would be free. Most people who smoke marijuana for years, Only smoke weed. They have no interest in anything else other than cigarettes or drinking a beer. The reason why marijuana is fought against so roughly is because of one simple factor. It is not regulated.

If the government could find a way to regulate it, they would be able to make billions of dollars. The government also knows that if marijuana became legal, that millions of blacks would become rich. It is already known that the Latino community is heavily funded by their drug selling of this substance, however, blacks have not gotten on this wagon as of yet. There is a healthy fear as far as the government is concerned. And in an effort to dismiss the attempts of blacks selling marijuana and gaining a profit, they have found it feesible to arrest each one, no matter how small the offense.

Also, what classifies as “Public view”? If you’re in a care smoking a blunt, does that mean public view from police officers or public view from bystanders? So, it’s ok to smoke marijuana in your home? Is marijuana legal or illegal?