Carlos Cardenas (Illegal Immigrant) Alleged Killer
Katherine Sanchez, 15

More than a month after Katherine Sanchez went missing, her body was found in an apple Orchard. According to the story, the wife of the alleged killer, Kimberly Cardenas states that “he” acted normal and was seemingly just as concerned as she was. All the while, he knew what he had done to her baby sister.
Kimberly wants Cardenas to receive the death penalty for the murder of her sister. Carlos Cardenas is quite the ungrateful one. Bad enough he is in this country illegally, but he turns around and murders his sister in law.
That is hardly the story you hear of Mexicans coming over here for the American Dream. He is not a testament to that thinking. He’s a cold blooded murderer, and possibly he was a criminal in Mexico as well. That’s why he came here more than likely. Must America keep getting Mexicos rejects?
It would be nice to get some of the good ones who are truly here to get the “dream” rather than causing a nightmare.
This is such a sad story. This little one didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was. It’s noones fault necessarily, but there are those who will find fault with someone. If anything is to blame, “Illegal” means something. It is noticeable, that when you follow the rules, you get bitten by the snake a lot less. He should NOT HAVE BEEN HERE. Read the story below…

A 15-year-old upstate New York girl was raped, suffocated and buried days later in an apple orchard by her brother-in-law, police said.

The remains of Katherine Sanchez were found Friday, more than a month after she was reported missing.

Carlos Cardenas, 21, is being held on second-degree murder charges in Orleans County.

Police say Cardenas raped the teen while she was babysitting at his house and killed her when she threatened to tell her sister, WKBW-TV reported.

Cardenas kept Sanchez’s dead body in his basement for a couple of days before taking it to the orchard, said police.

“He deserves the death sentence, that’s what he deserves,” Kimberly Cardenas said of her husband, whom she said acted normally while Sanchez was missing. “He’s demented. He’s a sick man.”

Police said Carlos Cardenas, a native of Mexico, is illegally in the U.S.

“She was an angel,” Kimberly Cardenas said of her sister, “an angel on earth.”