What were the parents thinking in this case? When is it ever ok for an 11 year old girl to go prancing around with a 19 year old? We have laws in place for a reason. We also have parents for a reason, although some choose not to use their rights. If you teach a child how to behave, they will. If you neglect to teach them, they end up in these situations. This mother should be teaching respect and teaching this child that education is more important right now, and not allowing her to chase after boys. Too many parents are becoming “lazy” when it comes to parenting and developing a soft approach. For those of you who want to say, “Relax” to the writer of this blog, It is those attitudes that lead YOUR children to be gang raped.
It is not necessarily all the parents fault, but for one reason. Not knowing who their child was going with. But question this. How does a 19 year old know an 11 year old? Does this child have a reputation? Is she known throughout the community for being “Mature beyond her years?” The connection here is, unless it’s a relative or a close friend of the family, a 19 year old would not be in association with a child so young. The mother does not seem to mention anything about how she was lured out of her home, but perhaps, the Internet or a cell phone might have played a key role in her ability to leave. Did she lie to her mother regarding her whereabouts? Makes logical sense?
What happened after that was noones fault. This sort of crime happens to women also. It can even happen to a man if he gets in the car with the wrong person. Problem is, you never know and once the door is closed, you have lost control as the passenger. The Mother who thinks that her son is innocent should watch the video.

Many are pointing the finger when it comes to the gang rape victim. They want to know who is responsible for this gang rape that happened over Thanksgiving. The media is becoming increasingly angry because noone knows who should be responsible. Yes the child was raped, but what if it were preventable? The town is outraged and it is creating a racial divide amongst them. Some adults are blaming the child for being raped and some are saying that the mother should have been a mother instead of a friend. This story is deplorable, and these men should be punished. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. They are all rapists and they are all pedophiles.

It is possible that everyone who does blame the parent for this crime is saying that the parent not being being accountable for their small child is the reason why this happened. It is in any parents nature to feel responsible when something happens to their kid. This story should be no exception to that rule. When you have political leaders and black leaders who stand on a podium and not mention the crime or the criminals, that becomes repulsive, but now there was a time when it was ok to rape a black girl and many white men gang raped them and noone did a thing about it. It is Possible that some of these men believe that it’s just Karma. You get what you give. This story is not the first gang rape, and it won’t be the last. This could have been a hate crime. It could have been a crime of passion where these men felt that they were getting a raw deal in their neighborhood and wanted to lash out at anyone they could. Times are tough and in the minds of many people, they are prepared to turn their heads to something so sinister just to prove a point. The smirk on a lot of these mens’ faces are arrogant and prideful. There is a sense of relief that they did what they did. They are boastful and proud and may be wearing this as a badge. White men raped women, and they were proud of it. White men hang black men and they stood and took pictures as if they were game. That thought is still in the black mans mind and it will remain until there is some sort of equality. It is a serious mental issue. However, one cannot tell what is in the mind of a person who thinks this way.

The major problem here is that, the leaders in this community are not speaking to the men in regards to their wrong doing, but more so from the stand point of upholding them in their distasteful act. HLN ran a segment regarding “Blaming the Victim” and most everyone was angry that the men are not being held accountable. They are all being treated as heroes. This story will last for a long time and this child will receive some restitution, however, as far as these men getting what they rightfully deserve, we just don’t know. H Read the story below…

More than a dozen teens and men are believed to be involved in the nightmarish gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Texas.

At least 16 people, ranging in age from 14 to 27, have been arrested in the past four months in the small town of Cleveland, 50 miles northeast of Houston.

The most recent came Friday, when police busted four high school students. Authorities believe more arrests are likely.

“There have been leads during our investigation that have alerted us to other possible persons of interest,” Cleveland Assistant Police Chief Darrell Broussard told CNN. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The girl, whose name has not been released because of her age, told police at least 20 people attacked her last Thanksgiving. The vicious assault was caught on camera and video, authorities said.

The macabre attack began when 19-year-old Timothy Ellis lured the girl out of her home and asked if she wanted to go “riding around,” according to a police officer’s statement obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

Cops said he took her to an empty house and forced her to strip under threat of violence. Several other men showed up and each raped her.

The sickos then took the 11-year-old to an abandoned trailer, where they continued to have sex with her, as well as use cell phones to take pictures and record video.

“These guys knew she was in middle school,” the girl’s mother, identified only as Maria, told reporters. “You could tell whenever you talked to her. She still loves stuffed teddy bears.”

The video quickly went viral, sparking arrests after the teens in it were recognized by fellow students. The victim, described as a troubled young girl, was also recognized by several people.

“It just seems like a dream,” said Sherry Fletcher, who told reporters her 20-year-old son is among those accused. “I just hope everything comes out well, because some of these kids are innocent.”

A judge has placed a gag order on the case, and police have requested that the girl’s family “relocate” as tensions rise in the town of 9,000.

Maria said she had received repeated, angry phone calls from people looking for the girl, who has been placed in foster care and hasn’t been allowed to see her family.

“The police think we may be in danger,” Maria said, “because if they can’t get my 11-year-old, they might take out their revenge on us.”