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Michelle Dent (Beauchamps Girlfriend)

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This story runs deeper and deeper. Apparently Still waters do run deep. First it’s two children who were unidentified and now this woman may be linked to this story. When writing this story yesterday, the realization that there was a missing link came forth. There’s no way a man can get away with killing 2 children and there not be a woman involved. My question was, Where is the mother? Someone must’ve done the little girls hair who was found. Her hair had been done in braids with beads. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and today, Clem Beauchamp was taken into federal custody. Did Clem Beauchamp kill the mother of these children? It looks that way. Anyone reading this story would have a hard time sleeping tonight. Think about this man/animal. He meets a woman with children, eventually after they break up, he kills her. Some time goes by and then he kills her children. This mother loved her children so much, she put a tattoo of them on her arm. Not only carrying pictures of them in her wallet, but tattoos. That may be the only identifier that this mother has that would link her to the deceased children.

Is there another mother missing from this story? There are two children, 1 may be accounted for as the father gave evidence as to his DNA. The boy who was found in the canal, noone has come forth with information regarding him, which may mean that Felecia Brown had 2 children by 2 different men. And as she and Beauchamp were dating then two children eventually ended up with Beauchamp. The boy may very well be her son as well. She has a tattoo on her arm reading “Jermaine” Also, there are two older children in the home and one younger one who does not have the last name of Beauchamp, who are they and where is their mother? If Michelle Dent, the new girlfriend is not their mother, then who is? Is she another Jane Doe whose body was found and gone unnoticed? What is Clem Beauchamp telling these children about their mothers? Is he telling them that their mother left/abandoned them? Is this why these two children were killed? Did they know too much? Did they see something or overhear something and that is why he killed them?

Read the story below…

DELRAY BEACH — West Palm Beach Police are looking into the possibility that a woman’s body found in August in a trash bin in West Palm Beach is linked to the deaths of two children found in bags in a Delray Beach canal on Wednesday.

A police spokesman didn’t release the name of the woman. But the mother of two children linked to the Delray Beach case has been missing since August, authorities have said.

The spokesman said West Palm Beach police are working with Delray Beach police to determine whether the unidentified woman found in August, and later released a sketch of in December, is Felecia Brown.

Brown is the mother of two children who were living with Clem Beauchamp at his home in Delray Beach. She and Beauchamp were romantically involved for years but broke up months ago.

Curtis Allen, who had a 6-year-old daughter, JuTyra, with Brown, said he was worried about his daughter’s safety. Today, he gave Delray police DNA samples, hoping that it would help the detectives determine whether JuTyra is the girl police found in the canal. The other child was a boy.

Also today, the Florida Department of Children & Families persuaded a judge to remove children from the custody of Michelle Dent, Beauchamp’s current girlfriend. During the hearing, a DCF investigator told the judge that Dent was “a person of interest” in a double and possibly a triple homicide.

DCF investigator Michele Fuhrman testified before a judge that she believed it was not in the best interest of the children – Demetrius Beauchamp, 15, Keayana Beauchamp, 10, and Karchelle Washington, 3 – to remain with Dent during the ongoing criminal investigation.

Fuhrman told the judge she believes Delray Police are reviewing WalMart security tapes to see if weights may have been purchased there – weights presumably to sink bodies. “It’s the beginning of a very intense criminal investigation,” Fuhrman said.

Fuhrman told the judge that when child protection team investigators interviewed the older children that they denied any knowledge of the disappearances. But their answers seemed coached due to their similarity and them correcting their answers.

Meanwhile, Delray Beach police responded to a “domestic” call around noon today at Dent’s last known address. A woman was seen leaving the back of the house in the 1600 block of Northeast Third Avenue and going into the house next door.

Neighbors had heard some sort of argument involving children at the house and called it in. But police left the scene without taking anyone into custody.

Delray Beach Police have scheduled a second news conference about the case for 6 p.m. today.

Police began questioning Beauchamp Thursday night. He was formally charged Thursday in U.S. District Court with possession of a silenced firearm, according to a complaint filed by an agent with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In laying out the federal allegations, which is a separate investigation from the dead children, the ATF agent described finding in the trunk of Brown’s repossessed car a .22-caliber handgun fitted with a homemade silencer and a black bag filled with a green Halloween mask, ammunition, a black knit cap and a tube of crack.

Beauchamp, 34, is the owner of the house at Southwest Seventh Avenue that police have cordoned off and been searching since Thursday for evidence in the slayings of the two children.

Police spokeswoman Nicole Guerriero said this morning that the search continues, but still declined to identify the victims, describe a cause of death or say whether they were children in Beauchamp’s care.

This morning, investigators could also be seen digging a little in the back yard of the house and towing away three cars.

Guerriero said police have not received any missing children notifications.

Someone stuffed the bodies of two small children, a girl between 6 and 10 and a boy between 10 and 12, into plain black bags and dumped them in a canal on the city’s south side. They were found bobbing in the water on Wednesday. A search for their killer on Thursday led detectives to Beauchamp’s little tan house on Southwest Seventh Avenue.

The girl, who was black, had been shoved into a black duffel bag. The boy, who was also black, was folded into a suitcase.

Both had been placed in a long, wide canal and stayed there until Wednesday, when a passerby spotted a strange little buoy bobbing near the city’s south side.