Don't hire These Lunch Ladies!

If you can’t trust Bertha and Agnes, the cafeteria ladies, then who can you trust? These women are entrusted to feed your children, and in some cases, feed the staff as well. Now of course, there is no known motive for their attempted poisoning, and also there is no inclination of how anyone got wind of the Poison plot, but it’ true nonetheless and it’s a scary thought. story below…

ALBEMARLE, N.C. — Two high school employees have been arrested and accused of trying to poison their fellow employee’s tea.

The Stanly County Sheriff’s Office said 38-year-old Angela Johnson and 64-year-old Eileen Hallamore were charged Tuesday with distributing food containing poison.

Authorities said their investigation started last month after the Stanly County Board of Education reported a poisoning attempt at South Stanly High School in Norwood.

No students were involved. Deputies have not said how the poisoning was discovered or what may have motivated the women.

The women are due in court April 25.