Was this about her having an affair? Was she having an affair with a neighbor? Some people seem to think that, but without any proof, it shouldn’t be speculated upon. The reasonable reaction when you feel that someone is going to shoot you is what?
Well some people might run for any public place they can find. She chose the neighbors house. It’s obvious that Christopher knew he would kill her that day. Most people, the moment the fight escalates to the public eye, they retreat. He didn’t care and decided to gun her down like a criminal. That is such a selfish act and what a coward. Hypothetically, if she were cheating on him, that is no reason to bring a gun into the situation. You deal with it responsibly.
This woman, Margaret had 3 children. She is a mother of all things. This family will be distraught to learn of this tragedy. Domestic Violence is being contributed to so many deaths these days. Men are not leaving their families when things go wrong. They aren’t walking out like they used to when the going gets tough. Now they kill you, and then kill themselves so that they don’t have to pay for their crimes. Such a selfish act and it proves that maybe he never loved her. He might have been controlling her all this time, and perhaps she didn’t have a way of escape.
A lot of women find themselves in these abusive relationships and when they try to leave and find a safe place, the spouse/partner immediately jumps to the defensive and begins to control her.

Many of these men use threats of intimidation. Some of them use their size and economical abuse as well. There are also stories of men threatening to take the children from the mother in order to keep her. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, Get out. It’s just that simple. Don’t end up like this mother. Possible reasons that she was murdered.

1. She was having an affair and was trying to leave him and he refused to let her go.
2. He was having an affair and wanted to rid himself of her.
3. He was abusive and neither was cheating, but she wanted out, and he killed her to keep her from leaving him.
4. She found out something bad about him and was going to expose him and he killed her.

This stuff all sounds like LifeTime Movie topics, but they ring true, and possibly in time, a reason will come to light as to why this senseless murder took place. Worse comes to worse, this man was just a psycho and thought it a good day to murder the mother of his children.
story below…

A husband and wife were found shot at a home on Chamberlin Trail in the Indian Lakes subdivision off Michigan Avenue, according to St. Cloud police.

Police said 36-year-old Christopher Durinick shot his wife, 37-year-old Margaret Durinick, and then turned the gun on himself.

Law enforcement officials arrived at the couple’s home around 9:00pm Tuesday. They said they found Christopher Durinick dead and they transported Margaret Durinick to the hospital, where they said she died later.

Police said the couple was in the middle of a domestic dispute inside their home, and when Margaret ran next door to a neighbors house for help, Christopher followed after her and shot her. The neighbor quickly responded, shooting Christopher before police say he ran back inside his home and shot himself. Christopher was pronounced dead on the scene by St. Cloud Fire Rescue officials.

WFTV spoke to a woman who said she was at home with her kids when she heard a loud pop, then she heard yelling.

“The husband and wife got into an argument of some sort. She ran outside the house he came after her with a gun and she was shooting at her as she was running for help,” she said.

Margaret’s Facebook page says she worked at Universal Studios. Margaret and Christopher are survived by their three children, ages 6, 3, and 1.

The investigation is ongoing.