Let’s start with what you might not know. The alleged rapist was already under an active investigation from another molestation against another child unrelated to this family or to SeaWorld. Department of Children and Families is investigating. Now what that says for the case, not sure, as it would prove tough to determine whether or not they’d do their jobs. It’s unfortunate that you cannot just take someones allegations of abuse against a child with 100% certainty. If that were possible, a lot of people would be locked away innocently. It’s been done, but now in this particular case, what’s wrong here? This man is now facing 2 counts and we have plenty of evidence. I wondered about the picture as I uploaded it to write this story and how he has his “pure” face on. Attempting to look as harmless as possible.
The problems I have with the initial story is this…Did Michael show up to Sea World with this family? Every news story I’ve read have left anyone reading the story with the impression that “the four” arrived together. And I have made many attempts to find out if he was with them, or did they leave their child with a total stranger while they got on a ride. It is important for this reason. If he was a stranger, then what the hell is wrong with these parents? And if he is a “friend” then perhaps this is not the first time this child has been molested/raped. Nothing could be more disgusting to find out that you’ve befriended a pedophile.

It would be nice to get that part of the story cleared up. Updated …It is now known that the mother and father of this baby girl actually came to Sea World with this pedophile. My reasons for not placing Sea World in the title is this. I did not feel that the company should be slandered just to get ratings. Every story that I read all had the same title, and really, this is not Sea Worlds fault. These parents should be held accountable for this. Granted, they may not have known what type of man he was/is, regardless, he is off the streets. This story is also bleak, as it cannot give too much information as to the welfare of the victim today. story below…

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla — A man faces charges of raping a two-year-old girl last week at SeaWorld Orlando after her mother left him to watch the toddler, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The crime was discovered when pictures of the rape were found on Michael Grzybowicz’s cell phone, sheriff’s records state.

A member of the Cocoa Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit confiscated the phone.

Four photographs in the phone’s memory chip clearly show the violation of the youngster wearing a diaper and a yellow sun dress while she rode in a dark blue stroller, records state.

The child visited Sea World on Feb. 17 with her mother, father and Grzybowicz, records state.

A check of the camera showed the photos were e-mailed to the personal Yahoo account of the suspect, who works as a cook at Smokey Bones restaurant in Melbourne, records state.


Grzybowicz, 26, told investigators he didn’t know how the photos got onto his cell phone, records state.

The victim’s mother told investigators that the only time she left her daughter in Grzybowicz’ s care was for about 10 minutes while she and her boyfriend enjoyed an amusement ride.

After learning Friday of the attack, SeaWorld Orlando spokesman Nick Gollattscheck said, “Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our guests and our team members are trained to report any kind of suspicious behavior. We are cooperating fully with the Orange County Sherriff’s office investigation. Illegal behavior of any type is not tolerated at our parks. Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Captain Angelo Nieves said the case had been under investigation by Cocoa police and the sheriff’s office. Grzybowicz has been held without bail since Saturday in the Brevard County Jail on charges of possessing child pornography.

On Friday afternoon, Nieves wrote that the defendant is “awaiting transport to the Orange County Jail on the warrant pending in this investigation.”

The warrant states Grzybowicz faces charges of sexual battery on a child younger than 12 years old and lewd and lascivious molestation of a child younger than 12 years old.

Sheriff’s records indicate the case has been referred to the state Department of Children and Families and that Cocoa police are investigating the possible molestation by Grzybowicz of another child unrelated to the toddler and the incident at Sea World.