Christopher George (possible victim of Hataway)
Jennifer Kesse (potential victim of Hataway)
James Hataway
Tracy Ocasio

In 2009, a story ran where a woman was reported missing. Her name was/is Tracy Ocasio. Her parents were faithfully searching for their missing daughter. And it’s more than likely they still are. Here’s the kicker, she was last seen leaving a club with James Hataway. Of course at the time, I wrote a huge story about James Hataway and a few people came on and stated that “He was a decent guy.” However, nothing ever came of the missing woman. Some time passed and a woman came through with a shocking story. It was a story of she and Hataway being together one night after she had given him a ride home from a club and things turned out wrong. The Poor woman was in fear for her life and she escaped him. Here is the story in most of it’s entirety. … June 3, 2009

The sixth alleged victim came forward Wednesday and told investigators she had been roughed up by him.

“This Jimmy has a preponderance to do violence, he snaps, he gets angry, it’s always a woman, ride home, end up alone,” said Sgt. Mike Bryant, Ocoee Police Department.

A Casselberry woman told Eyewitness News Tuesday that Hataway tried to kill her last August. Ocoee wants Seminole County investigators to increase the charges in that case from battery to at least aggravated battery or attempted murder.

“We’re hoping Seminole County will step up their charges to keep Jimmy in jail while we continue to look for Tracey,” said Sgt. Bryant.

As days go by and more of James Hataway’s past comes out, Ocasio’s parents are in disbelief that he was ever on the streets.

“Incredible that he’s involved in so many suspicious disappearances,” said Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s Father.

Ocoee police say they are getting dozens of leads and looking for more possible victims. They do know Hataway worked clearing shore lines and dumping debris illegally.

“He’s very familiar with going out into open land at night and not getting caught dumping land debris and waste, that’s a concern oh yeah,” said Bryant.

Eyewitness News learned more about James Hataway. The 28-year-old lived with his father in Ocoee. He also worked with his father dredging ponds.

From 1993 to 1998, Hataway was in and out of juvenile hall. He has an extensive record of drugs, DUI and traffic violations.

Crime line has put up a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Tracy Ocasio’s whereabouts. Police have Ocasio’s car and they are going through it, looking for clues.

At a hearing Tuesday, Judge Heather Higbee revoked Hataway’s bond on an earlier case of criminal mischief and he is being held on no Bond. However, a bond of $500 was granted on a current misdemeanor charge, but Hataway remains in the Orange County jail.


Donna Hataway is James’ mother. She told Eyewitness News Wednesday that she’s lost touch with her son over the years. Donna says she spent a lot of time with him in juvenile court, but hoped that he would turn his life around.

Donna said James was soft spoken. Donna, who is hearing impaired, says she heard about her son James’ most recent trouble on the news.

For a while, Donna says she was living on the streets and just moved back to town about two years ago.

“Do you think he’s capable of hurting, possibly murdering people?” asked WFTV reporter Kathi Belich.

“No I don’t think so, because I tried to bring him up the right way,” she replied.

Donna says she’s worried and admits he was a troubled child with a serious juvenile criminal record, which sent him to a boot camp program.

“He improved, he improved and started to get straightened up and thought about what he did,” she said.

Donna said he dropped out of high school, but did get his G.E.D. and said he does construction work and also worked at Perkins and Starbucks.

Donna blames his problems on drugs and says even though she hasn’t seen him for years; she’d like to visit him in jail.

“I would say that, ‘I love you no matter what good or bad. You’ll always be my son,'” said Donna.

She says she doesn’t know anything about the disappearances and assaults that have police focused on her son.


As more people hear about the case, it’s becoming an eerie game of six degrees of separation and James Hataway is in the middle.

Eyewitness News learned that Hataway was one of two people, who last saw a missing Apopka man.

Wednesday night, Apopka police picked up Tyler Watters. Watters is a friend of Hataway and someone who they believe may have information about the disappearance of the Apopka man.

In February, Chris George’s car was found abandoned in a wooded area in Apopka. Initially, family and friends did not take it seriously. They looked for George, who also goes by the name George Onda, and didn’t find him, but assumed he did not want to be found.

They thought the 29-year-old took off and went on a drug-induced binge. It was not uncommon for him to disappear for two to three weeks and then come home.

Jams Hathaway helped with the search for his friend. He was one of the last people to see George and told police that George may have been on hallucinogens.

Apopka police initially closed out the case, but now that James Hataway maybe involved in Tracy Ocasio’s disappearance, detectives have reopened the case.

Authorities are in the process of re-interviewing all of George’s friends, but they are still trying to locate one friend who is considered a person of interest.

Investigators say Hataway and that person of interest were the last people to see George before he disappeared.

Apopka police investigators say they did not consider George an endangered missing person based on what friends and family members told authorities at the time. …

So there it is, many roads to take but they all end up coming back to James Hataway. When the recent developments of human bones being found today in Apopka,Fl…which by the way is the perfect to dump a body. The town has so much open land resembling swamps and so much of the land is undeveloped, it would be easy to hide someone there. It”s a very old town with a much smaller population and for miles, you can travel and not find any houses.

Tracy Ocasio is a beautiful young lady and speculation arose that Hataway may have been linked to another missing lady. Jennifer Kesse. Much investigation is being done to test these theories, but he (Hataway) is definitely one who needs to stay off the streets. More from todays story below…

Searchers combed an area Tuesday where a bone was found that could provide a lead in a missing person case.

Authorities with the Apopka Police Department confirmed Tuesday afternoon that they found human remains in an area where they once searched for Christopher George.

Investigators said George was last seen two years ago with his friend, James Hataway.

Hataway is also a person of interest in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio, who was last seen leaving an Orange County bar with Hataway in May 2009.

Hataway will head to court for a trial in a third, unrelated case.

A Seminole County woman said Hataway tried to kill her after she gave him a ride home from a party.

…Do we have a serial killer on our hands? It was reported that Jennifer Kesse frequented that same club that Hataway visited. It is shocking to see just how many people this man Hataway may be linked to. I hope the truth comes out soon enough.
Did he kill George? Did he kill Kesse? Did he kill Ocasio? How many other names will eventually be added to the list?