The thing about this story is I find it hard to believe. I wanted to title this “BDSM GONE WRONG”. OF COURSE. Why? Well you cannot convince me that this woman didn’t know what she was in for. She knew that he wanted a sex slave, but didn’t take it literal that he meant “slave”. I’ve done some research on this topic and many women nowadays find themselves in this situation. Some of them don’t make it out.

Apartment where John Hopkins resides

I believe that she met this man online, on Craigslist as she stated, but it was more to it than what she is revealing. He was more than likely not what she bargained for. It is also strange how she was set “free” at times, but returned. Who does that? What person who is kidnapped, would be set free from their capture and then mosey back in to the home as if they want to be there? Noone with any common sense.
This woman knew that she wanted this man to do those things to her. That’s why she returned. Probably was the best relationship she had ever been in. I know it seems that I’m making light on this situation, but the truth is, It’s not cut and dry. Yes of course she may have known that he wanted companionship, but there is no way you can predict what the outcome would be once tied down. It’s apparent that she didn’t deserve to be beaten, it’s obvious that something went wrong, but I’m curious to know more.

Most people wouldn’t typically say those things about any rape victim. I think the only thing that would classify this woman as a victim would be…nothing. Naive, stupid, gullible..yes. Victim, NO!
On a more sensitive note, I do hope that she gets better. Where and in what world would you live with another man for free and only have to cook and clean? BDSM gone wrong? The evidence is there. It’s clear. She agreed to this lifestyle and she was seduced by him. It seems more like a lie that she is telling to cover up the fact that she entered into a relationship and didn’t have all the facts. If the props weren’t present, would she have acknowledged that she was a sex slave?
story below…

A Wisconsin woman, 27, was held as a sex slave in New York after answering a Craigslist Ad for a roommate. A man captured the woman and handcuffed her to a radiator.

The AP reported that she came to him under the false promise that all she’d have to do is cook and clean in exchange for free rent. They never made an agreement for sex. The man kept her for eight days in his home.

According to reports, 45-year-old John Hopkins allegedly handcuffed and raped her repeatedly. The woman has not yet been identified as of yet.

Fox News reported, “Police say the man, John Hopkins, told the woman she could live with him for free if she cooked and cleaned. The woman told police that she was handcuffed and raped repeatedly. She said she was allowed out at least once. But she said she was handcuffed again when she returned.”

One of the days she was let free, she emailed her mom, who lives in Wisconsin, and told her mom that she was going to kill herself. Her mom called the police and removed the woman from John Hopkins home reportedly.

Hopkins has been charged with assault, rape, and unlawful imprisonment. He is currently being held on $350,000 bail. No attorney for him has been named.

Police found the woman in the man’s studio apartment, in the fetal position, shaking, and on a bed. She was handcuffed and tied up on the bed. Officers found a ball gag, whip, and rope in a bag by the bed.

The woman is currently in the hospital from beatings and rectal hemorrhaging. It’s not clear why she had not called 911 beforehand.

those seem like all the makings of a BDSM relationship. Apparently she didn’t know her code words for STOP, ENOUGH, NO MORE, THIS HURTS! sHALL I highlight the parts where this story doesn’t add up?