Community activists say racial tensions are running so high at
East River High School in east Orange County
that it has lead to violent fights. The school district is now
A video posted on YouTube
shows one student punching another in the head, over and
over again.
“I am outraged, appalled,” community activist Zoraida Rios-
Andino told WFTV.
She says the fight is the result of racial tension brewing for
months at East River High School.
School board member Joie Cadle says the fight is under
investigation, but she didn’t want to actually see it.
“If you want to see me start crying, you will make me do that,”
she told WFTV.
Cadle did say the school has created a five-step action plan to
deal with racial divisions among students. WFTV tried and
wasn’t able to speak to students during school hours, but did
hear from Moises Soto.
“My jaw is wired shut for six weeks,” he said.
Moises says he was called racial slurs during a beating that
happened off campus, but he says his attacker was a student at
East River, a school he says is clearly divided.
“The Caucasians stay outside, the colored people stay in the
hallway,” he said.
“We can’t turn around and pretend it doesn’t exist. Something
has to be done,” Rios-Andino said.
Community activists hope to address the issues with both
sides at a meeting for students, parents and teachers. It’s
scheduled for next Wednesday at 6:30 at the Alafaya Branch
The school district has also set up a hotline for parents to
report cases like this: 407-956-8552.

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